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Caring Restorations

Whether a simple tuning or a complete restoration, every job is approached with care and attention to detail.

Keeping your piano happy, your ears happy, & maybe your neighbors happy!


This 1935 Baldwin Grand was rescued from a dumpster by its new owner. Cleaned, Reconditioned and cabinet touch up.

Repairs & Reconditioning

Call us for any of the piano services that you need


Learn more about the business, Let us  care for your family heirlooms

1905 Lester Upright new bass bridge & strings. Installed In home.


In-home Repair

1920 Steinway Upright. Complete restoration. Owned by the same family since new.

Steinway Restoration Specialist

1959 Mason & Hamlin Grand enjoying its new life at a retirement home. Complete Restoration.

Total Restorations

1958 Lester Spinet. This piano was attacked by 14 cats! Cleaned, deodorized and revarnished.


1917 Marshall & Wendell Player.  This piano was restored by a customer for his mother, who played this piano as a little girl. Mom is 92 years old!

Player Piano & Pump Organ Restoration

Carrying on the family tradition. Offering white acrylic, Ivorine, and Faux Ivory.

Keytop Replacement

Moisture Control System Installation

1890 Schoenhut toy piano. Sure to become a family heirloom.

No Job is Too Small

Protect your instrument from humidity fluctuations with a moisture control system.